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HJMO-629 Limited to female college students from prestigious schools who want to be announcers! “Female announcers should be able to read manuscripts under any circumstances!?” Fixed Vibe Dirty Talk News Super Extreme Report 4 If you finish reading the manuscript without giving in to the mischievous interference, you will receive 1 million yen! If you give up midway through, you will be immediately given a creampie punishment game!

Synonyms : アナウンサー志望の名門校女子大生限定!「女子アナはどんな状況下でも原稿を読めるはず!?」 固定バイブ淫語ニュース超過激リポート4 イタズラ妨害に屈せず原稿読み終えたら100万円!途中で断念したら即ハメ中出し罰ゲーム!

Release date : 2023-12-19

Duration : 210 mins