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MIUM-1043 An intelligent and soft-spoken beauty with glasses who recommends an ``investment method'', saying, ``There's a method that will absolutely make you money'' and ``You'll soon be making 10 million a year.'' This time too, she was caught up in a shady story and ended up falling. [This woman turns into a woman as if she has changed when she gets dicked in.] Her moist eyes behind the glasses are also an erotic face... Under her knit, she has beautiful skin with outstanding firmness and beautiful big butt. She is a woman who is all about the crotch. She squirts all over with an erotic expression that contradicts her intellectual atmosphere. If you thrust with a gun from behind, her body will twist and she will convulse! :case30

Synonyms : 痙攣爆イキめがね美女「絶対稼げるメソッドがあるんです」「年収はもうすぐで1000万で~」と『投資のメソッド』を勧めてくる、知的で物腰柔らかなメガネ美女。今回も胡散臭い話に乗っかり陥落ホテイン。【このオンナ、チ●ポブチ込むと人が変わったようにメス化しますw】メガネ越しの潤んだ瞳がまたエッロい顔…。ニットの下はハリ感抜群の美肌にバインバインの美巨尻美巨乳。全てが股間にクる女。知的な雰囲気とは相反するどエロい表情でびしゃびしゃに潮吹き。バックでガン付突きすれば体を捩らせビクンビクンに痙攣イキ!:case30

Release date : 2024-04-13

Duration : 77 mins